Henry Doyle is a Downtown Eastside poet who has lived in Toronto and Ottawa before coming to Vancouver.  He has been working with the Thursdays Writing Collective at the Carnegie Centre on Main and Hastings since 2009.  His work has been published in Geist magazine, Poetry is Dead literary magazine, Megaphone, The Tyee online news magazine, the Voices of the Street anthologies, as well as the V6A Anthology (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2011) and various chapbooks put out by the Thursdays Collective.

Henry has published two of his own chapbooks, the latest being East Van Poems in 2015, which is available at Pulp Fiction Books on Main and 9th Avenue and through the Thursdays Writing Collective, or contact the author by email.






  1. I’m Henry Doyle working on being a poet.
    I’m here in Vancouver BC
    Thanks for any of your comments.
    They are like a cold Beer.
    Live Long
    Burn many words
    My friends
    To the End.

    Henry Doyle.

  2. Hey Joe, I caught your Bukowski piece in Geist. Well done! I knew you’d land it somewhere special back when we were editing it at Grace. Keep it up and drop me a line some time.

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