The Down Town Eastside Alarm Clock

If the drug crazed screams don’t wake me up at 3am

City fire trucks screaming around the corner of Main and Hastings

to skid-row hotels and back alleys will

Cop cars circle like hungry wolves

Addicts and drug dealers scatter like white tail deer

I get up from my bed stagger like a wounded soldier to the fridge

to get my hangover beer

Put a blank piece of paper into my typewriter

To try to hide

5am shadowy crows head west

In painted darkness, like Thunderbirds

Spreading their wings under street lamps

The DTES alarm clock go’s off

Comfortable alone, I hear inside my head, Poe’s

Quoth The Raven Nevermore

I look apond the streets below

Unpersons wrapped in blankets

Shuffle down to the Bottle Depo

With shopping carts full of beer bottles

A song of glass sings down sidewalk cracks.


Copyright © 2011 by Henry Doyle 

A version of this was published in Megaphone Vancouver’s street paper, Issue 55 June 11 

and in POETRY IS DEAD magazine. issue 02 volume 02 summer/autumn/2011



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